Quality Control

It is the nature of our business at Econopac to be frequently audited by a number of regulatory bodies including Health Canada, Bureau Veritas and GMA-SAFE. For this reason, quality control is a critically important function in our day-to-day operations.

ISO9001 procedures govern a great many of the aspects of our quality control processes. We currently have a dedicated team of Quality Control Managers, QC Inspectors and Program Managers who ensure that all job-specific quality controls are maintained and compliant with all industry quality standards.

Inventory Control

Since we are completely dependent on raw materials of many kinds, monitoring the flow and assessing the quality of all materials we receive are among the most critical functions of our operations. Our Inventory Control procedures, like all of our operational procedures, are tightly and rigidly controlled and managed by personnel with high levels of expertise and experience in this area.

Conversely, when all projects are completed, we also exercise maximum discretion regarding the disposal of any and all leftover program materials.

Ask for an overview of our standard daily processes and controls. (Inventory Control, Security, Clean Room)

Proven Track Record

Overall, we pride ourselves on a track record that is the envy of our industry.

As you can appreciate from your own experience, a great deal of our work is of a confidential nature. Therefore we are not able to publish specific case histories. But we will be happy to provide you with as long a list of references as you require that will attest to:
a) The quality and cost effectiveness of our work,
b) The time and money saving solutions we have developed, and
c) Our total commitment to customer service as well as on time and on budget delivery.

High Volume Production

With 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space in our central location, joint venture support in other areas of North America, state-of-the-art machinery and the most highly skilled personnel in the industry, there is really no practical limit to the size of job we can take on.

Quick Turnaround

Working within tight deadlines comes with the territory in an industry where everything seems to be needed ‘yesterday’. Our people are always acutely aware of deadlines, and are strongly committed to doing whatever it takes to assure they are met.

We have constructed our entire operation around the concept of production flexibility and our management people have both the expertise and the loyalty of their production crews to make the impossible happen regularly.