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Flow Wrapping

Packaging items together, 2 or 3-dimensional objects, flow wrapping is ideal for sampling programs, direct mail & coupons as well as co-packaging of confections, leaflets & premiums.. Bandolier continuous-format for automatic insertion into food/pharma product packages. Available as clear wrap or can accommodate up to 8-colour printing of packaging.


This variant of flow wrapping creates a continuous roll of overwrapped premiums or coupons. This can be useful for easy dispensing, hand or automated insertion.

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Micro Coupon Inserts

Miniature flow wrapping designed especially, but not exclusively for small-mouthed bottles / containers. This process features high speed, automatic insertion of product info & coupons into pharma & nutriceutical bottles/containers.

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Shrink Sleeves

These sleeves make promotions more eye-catching, easier to manage and more effective. They can also help you distinguish your brand and gain a real merchandising edge. Now completely conformable to the unique shape of the package, shrink sleeves provide total 360˚ coverage in full colour.

They can be made tamper-proof. And they can eliminate labels, additional cartons and seals, and allow for the bundling of samples or complementary products under a single banner. Shrink sleeves help you manage time sensitive inventory with ease – and include instructions, bar codes, DIN & UPC, even tamper seals – all in one.

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Shrink Packaging

This is an ideal packaging solution for variety packs & value packs. Shrink Packs can be configured in a large range of sizes and shapes, from booklets to boxes.

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Poly Bags

Ideal for a wide range of direct marketing or trade show sampling promotions (Transparent or up to 8 colour printing).

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Blister Packaging

This is a turnkey operation from artwork to final packaged products. Blister packs are generally suited to large volume runs for consumer goods, cosmetics & pharma industries.

Econopac manage creation of the mold, and sourcingof backer cards, printing, insertion - every step of the process. For multi-pack blisters, we can include UPC overlays to prevent individual items from scanning instead of the bundle.

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Inkjet Lot & DIN Codes

Printing of expiry dates, lot information and DIN codes is easy with our production line inkjet.

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Vertical Form/Fill Seal

Fill bags of candies or individual sample pouches of vitamins. Our equipment forms the bag from pre-printed film, fills, and then seals in-line. 

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Fugitive Glue Tipping

Fugitive Glue or Glue Tipping is an often times overlooked, yet extremely useful promotional tool. This is the process of gluing of smaller product samples, such as gum, candies, spices sweeteners onto or inside cards, boxes or literature using temporary, removable glue. But it is also useful in holding bulkier items such as spray bottles or poly bags in place. When items are too heavy or awkward for Glue Tipping, we use a lightweight and easily separatable double-sided transparent tape.

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Pill/Tablet Pouching

Individual packaged samples are ideal for product previewing or sampling. Pouches can be produced in a variety of sizes at high speed, with large volume capacities. (Transparent or up to 8 colour printing).

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Over Labeling

We can label or re-label any package or product quickly and economically. This process eliminates the need for reprinting packaging for promotions, if UPC codes change, or to comply with regulatory changes.

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Hermetic 4-Side Seal Packaging

Safe, secure air tight packaging for inserts going into vacuum-packed products, Hermetics are ideal for insertions of premiums or coupons into meat, nuts or cheese packages.

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Pre-Applied Premiums

We can adhere 2 or 3 dimensional promotional items to carton interiors then fold & glue cartons. Applications include: beer cases, cereal boxes & soft drink cartons.

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Econopac's a cartoner runs high volume for both tuck and glued ends. Best of all, it does either four or five panel cartons. 

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Door/Bottle Hangers

When it comes to inducing trial or encouraging repeat purchases, bottle hangers are one of the most effective tools at your disposal. Custom designed printed and assembled via miniature flow wrapping for small-mouthed bottles/containers. This process also features high speed, automatic insertion of product info & coupons into pharma & nutriceutical bottles/containers.

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Direct Mail Labeling & Packaging

Even in the Internet age, direct mail is still one of the most effective forms of product promotion. It allows for personalization and highly intrusive executions that are really only limited by budget and creative imagination. We offer one-stop shopping for all our clients’ direct marketing requirements. We can tip on a sample, over-wrap, label & postal sort.

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POP & Clip Stripping

We can handle all aspect of pre-packaging and sorting for a wide range of in-store POP displays.

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We can assemble and package countertop displays for a variety of uses, from checkout counters to doctor's offices.

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When you need an assortment of objects, printed materials in your final package, we can handle all aspects of packing and kit assembly including hand insertion and closure.

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We will help you determine the optimum method for bundling your products - including overwrapping, shrink wrapping, and hand kitting - then execute with precision.

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Tamper & Safety Seals

Whether you need a simple clip seal, or a traditional surround tamper band, we have the ability to give your products the level of security and protection you need.

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