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Contract Packaging Options & Co-Packing

Because our clients often have to deal with specialized needs, troublesome logistics, small runs or the need for hand assembly, our co-packing ability is a welcome time and trouble saver versus doing these jobs internally. Our innate organizational flexibility means we can set up a constant, but small production line or we can set it up periodically as needed. Blister packs, combo packs and surround sleeves are some of the most common co-packing projects we do for our clients. Check out a complete list of Contract Packaging & Co-Packing Services

Cross Promotions, Specialty Promotions, Brand & Sale Promotions

A good portion of the work we do for our clients involves promotions of one kind or another. Here, turnaround times are usually very short, budgets are tight and the need for quick thinking and innovative solutions can make all the difference. Our people and our flexible manufacturing process are committed to developing great solutions, implementing cost effective production and assuring on-time delivery.

Kit & Hand Assembly

Our setup is fully capable of quickly executing a wide range of kit and hand assembly projects, for either short or long runs. This is an excellent service for multi-element promotions involving a mix of 2-D and 3-D items.

Excellent Cost Efficiencies

Our people have the combination of experience and expertise to create the most practical, effective and efficient ways to go about getting these types of project completed, and helping our clients achieve their goals in the process.

Environmental Film – High Quality & Eco-Friendly

At Econopac we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. This is why we now offer our clients the option to choose our biodegradable and compostable packaging film.

This film, made from a non-oil based renewable resource, has the look and feel of regular clear film, but it is both biodegradable and compostable. It is also highly printable and FDA approved. It can be used for, among other things: Flow/Over Wrapping, Door & Bottle Hangers and Hermetic 4-Side Seal Packaging.

Our Environmental Packaging Film is certified in accordance with American standards (ASTM D6400) and European standards (EN 13432:2000).

Learn more about Green Trends in Packaging.

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