Date: September 10, 2015 Author: econopac Categories: Latest News & Updates

Using the popularity of one product to sell another to the same target audience isn’t new. But there are some new, and highly effective ways to accomplish this.

Traditional cross-marketing involves putting a sample – or a coupon – of a product inside another product. Now when it’s a coupon, this can vary greatly, because coupons can be inserted, stuck on, printed on, or several other alternatives. Product samples – especially food – usually need to be over-wrapped, and inserted.

One of the newer wrinkles in cross-marketing is the Elasti-tag. These heavy duty, versatile rubber pieces can attach a sample, shape or coupon to the neck of any bottle or jar, with a high degree of visibility. Last summer, you might have seen the refillable water bottles, with samples of drink crystals. Because these are so sturdy, we’ve attached 1 oz. liquor bottles to the tag, which goes on a full sized bottle. Got a new flavour? Sample it with your best-seller.

Sometimes, the lack of real estate available on the outside of a package, precludes attaching a coupon. And yet you might not want it buried deep inside, especially if it’s a timed offer. We faced this with vitamin bottles, and were able to attach the coupons to the inside of the lid.

The product with the giveaway can have interesting challenges – ever try to include a coupon with bacon? The package is too flexible and slippery for most adhesive methods, and inside the package is well… bacon! We have special hermetic seal inserts that can nestle alongside bacon, to promote your sausages.

Cross-marketing has always been one of the most effective strategies for introducing new products to a familiar demographic. The good news is, that almost every conceivable logistical challenge has been solved. And if you’ve got a new test for us – Econopac is up for the challenge. 

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