Expect the Unexpected

Date: November 16, 2016 Author: econopac Categories: Latest News & Updates

At Econopac, audits of our facility and process are a way of life. On any particular day, there might be an audit taking place – either for a certification review (see the sidebar for examples), or for a large client with particular needs. It’s the client based audits which can be both amusing and baffling, because unlike accreditation audits, there may not be set criteria – or at least criteria we know about. Here are a few of the most mind-boggling, unexpected results. The names have been omitted to protect the bogglers!

With a 35 year history of packaging food, we really didn’t expect the results last year when a food manufacturer suddenly announced that we needed manned guard towers at all corners of the Econopac compound. Oh, and barbed wire topped fences.  Insert your own Area 51/Shawshank Prison/Econopac Gulag joke here!

We have second storey windows for natural light during day shifts. But we were asked to cover all windows with opaque shatter-resistant film to protect from tornadoes. We explained that we’re not in Kansas anymore…. We also don’t have lava-resistant equipment in case of volcanic eruptions. I guess the guard towers would help with the zombie apocalypse.

The fact that we have configurable equipment lines, means that the production floor setup looks completely different from one week to the next – and one job to the next. But many, many times we are asked to paint yellow lines around the equipment, or on the routes to/from storage or the dock. We tried this for just one month – here’s the result:



Finally, one very disappointed dog lover/auditor complained about our BEWARE OF DOG sign, when she couldn’t find a dog anywhere. We thought that our $1.29 sign had been a very cost-effective deterrent.

Despite these tales, we know how well we perform at audits, and welcome them. Econopac’s QC processes are top notch, and it takes a curve ball like these to catch us off guard.