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Date: June 14, 2017 Author: econopac Categories: Latest News & Updates


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Quick – how many leaf points are there on the Canadian flag’s Maple Leaf?

While you are counting, we’ll share a few other fun facts about Canada, as we all count down to Canada’s 150 Birthday on July 1.

  • There are 15,500 polar bears in Canada, and 2.4 million caribou.
  • 20% of all the world’s fresh water is Canadian, and when it comes to salt water, we have the longest coastline of any country in the world.
  • Canada has the deepest underground laboratory: SNOLAB in Sudbury, 2 kilometers below.
  • We have more doughnut shops per capita than anywhere – thanks Tim!
  • Kraft Dinner (known as Macaroni & Cheese Dinner stateside) is the #1 grocery item in Canada.
  • You probably think of Canada for natural resources, but we produce 1.6% of the world’s food supply, and export two thirds of that.
  • The world’s first UFO landing pad was built in Alberta in 1967. Still waiting though….
  • Canada has almost 1500 airports with paved runways – the US has 5200 by comparison.

  • Toronto has been listed as the world’s most multi-cultural city for over 15 years, since it surpassed Singapore.
  • The word Canuck dates back to 1835 – 32 years before confederation!
  • 42% of all Canadians have post-high school education.
  • Despite being the second largest country, Canada is 4th lowest in terms of population density with 3 people per square kilometer. Nunavut is fully 20% of Canada’s land mass – if that makes it easier to understand.
  • Newfoundland had Viking settlements (the most famous at L’Anse aux Meadows) a full 500 years before Christopher Columbus ‘discovered’ the Americas.
  • Canada was twice invaded by the US, in 1775, and 1812.  For the last one, Canada retaliated and burned down the US headquarters in Washington. It was repainted, and has been known as “The Whitehouse” ever since.
  • The Rideau Canal, in Ottawa, a UNESCO world heritage site, becomes the world’s longest skating rink every winter.



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