Viva The Revolution!

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Viva the Revolution!

The Single-Serve Revolution has landed in North America, after taking Europe by storm.

It’s a new way to go to market, with WOW! factor built in.

At Econopac, we’re always looking for what’s new and exciting in packaging. So we’re proud to be the North American co-packing partner of Sarong, Europe’s leader in this revolution.

Single serve portions have been common in restaurants and hospitality, but usually in boring bulk format – sachets and indistinguishable plastic containers. We’re about to change all that. Take a look:

Custom shapes & sizes. Colors. Direct printing, or over-labeling. Individual servings, dual/multi packs or tear-off strips. Oxygen and moisture barriers. Promotions. Sample/Trial size. Product launches. Travel size.


Now your single serve shape can reflect you brand by emulating the bottle or shape that made you famous. Heinz ketchup can look like the distinctive label. Olive oil can look like an olive. The ability to embed printing directly in the thermo-form plastic gives a high-end look that can distinguish you and match your premium positioning.


We can solve the problem of introducing consumers to related products, by building connected multi-packs. Ketchup and BBQ sauce. Oil & Vinegar. Four flavours of fruit drops. Imagine the potential for crossover with travel packs like sunscreen, body wash, lotion & mouthwash. Use your imagination….

The Process

It’s freaking amazing!  We thermoform, fill, seal, and cut in a single in-line process. At high speed. And because we’re Econopac, we can over-label, wrap, kit or assemble into displays – all in-house. And of course we project manage it all.


Condiments. Sauces & marinades. Spreads & dips. Liqueurs. Flavors or concentrates. Toppings or icing. Salad dressing….

The Pendulum Swings!

50 years ago, almost all consumer goods were in smaller packages than are standard today. As wholesale distribution prospered, family size and mega-packs became the norm by the 1990’s, with cost/volume driving decisions. Interestingly, this phenomenon did not take hold in Europe, when home sizes were generally smaller.

Flash forward to today. Major metropolitan cities in North America are dominated by condos – with much smaller footprints. Storage becomes an issue. And the cultural and demographic trends shift the focus from cost savings to convenience. Today, 27% of the population in US & Canada live alone. In larger centers like Manhattan, San Francisco & Toronto, 40+% live alone. Singles account for $2 Trillion in consumer spending.


Let’s look at a few of the driving factors in that shift:

                1970  Today 

 % of Family        households  81%  66%

 1-2 persons 20%  46%

 Couples              w/children   40%  20%

 5+ Person            Household   21%  10%

 Men Primary          Shopper        1%  33%

Here’s the kicker: 44% of all adult eating now happens alone.

Single serve has become the new norm.



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