Econopac Heads Back To School

Date: September 21, 2016 Author: econopac Categories: Latest News & Updates

As we head back to class, we thought we should profile this year’s top performers at Econopac.


  • Senior - Michael – favorite subject: Shop Class. Michael loves figuring out how to do stuff mechanically (if we reduce the size of the gusset, shorter, less expensive film works…. Michael was voted most likely to always be running for the school bus.


  • Sophomore - Beth – favorite subject: Calculus. Loves complex mathematical equations with variables (if you put labels on 50,000 bottles at X cents vs inkjetting @ Y cents with Z fixed setup). Beth was voted most likely to succeed, but not be sure that she had suceeded.


  • JuniorJaime – favorite subject: Physics. If chocolate has a viscosity of A, we need to heat it to B to inject into molds, then cool to C for storage. Jaime was voted most likely to be teacher’s pet – every teacher’s pet.


  • FreshmanSusan – favorite subject: Gym. Susan runs around the shop floor checking on all her projects, and rarely sits still at her desk. Susan was picked most likely to be voted off the island first (as a threat to over-achieve? Just too darn likeable?)


  • Vice-principalHowie – favorite subject: Business Studies. Howie keeps his kids in line with a new age approach, tempered with tried & true methods from the Spanish Inquisition. Howie was voted most likely to worry about the coming zombie/terrorism/global warming apocalypse.