Licenses & Accreditation

Because we deal with a diverse range of products and to ensure that we maintain the highest quality standards for our customers, we regularly participate in several different audit and certification programs.


SQF Level 2, which focuses on food safety, is a benchmarked Global Food Safety Initiative that is now recognized as the premier certification within the food industry. SQF allows food safety and quality systems to be verified and validated throughout the food chain, increasing brand protection, consumer confidence and loyalty. SQF is recognized by retailers, foodservice providers and regulatory agencies around the world.

GMA-SAFE Assessment

This is the Grocery Manufacturer Association audit of policies and procedures for food production, packaging, handling and storage. The GMA-SAFE Assessment is the most comprehensive, outcome-based report available to the food industry.

Bureau Veritas

Recently, Bureau Veritas conducted a Third-Party Audit at our facility on behalf of a major food products client. Third Party Audits allow companies to monitor their supply chain and ensure that suppliers meet quality, environment and social responsibility standards. We are proud to report that we scored 96.7 out of a possible 100 points. Needless to say, we are working on the 3.3 points.

American Institute of Baking, International (AIBI)

AIB International empowers clients worldwide to elevate their food safety and production process capabilties by developing and delivering application-oriented learning, consulting and value-added services. AIB International's food safety support is focused on food and beverage manufacturing, distribution, and packaging.

Establishment License

Econopac holds an Establishment License under the category Package/Label. This license allows Econopac to participate in the manufacturing process for therapeutic and other drugs.

NHPD (Natural Health Products Directorate): Site License

Econopac holds a Site License under the category Package/Label which allows us participate in the manufacturing process for Natural Health Products

CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)

The CFIA is dedicated to enforcing policies and standards set by Health Canada governing the safety and nutritional quality of all food sold in Canada. Econopac has maintained its ‘Complete Adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices’ standing with the CFIA since 2002.