How We Work With Our Clients

Our client base consists mainly of three distinct groups. The end-user, who is the product manufacturer or distributor, the creative agency and the printer or print broker. Our collaboration and the services we offer differ with each group and their particular circumstances and requirements.

End Users

With our End User clients, we generally collaborate with them throughout the entire life cycle of the promotion, from design right through to execution. Many of the projects we do for them involve co-packing, specialty promotions and short runs. Depending on the sector, our various accreditations and peerless quality control measures are extremely important.

Creative Agencies & Designers

For our Agency clients, the emphasis is on helping them accurately and competitively quote proposals and work with them to design cost-effective promotions. These clients rely on us for a wide range of services from hand kitting through to high-speed production.


Unlike our end user clients, who rely on us mainly for short runs, we work with Printers and Print Brokers on larger volume projects including specialty services such as tipping and overwrapping as well as labeling and inkjetting directly onto packages.