Food & Beverage

Services frequently required by this sector include:

  • Overwrapped Premiums (usually inserted)
    • When adding toys, booklets, or samples into food products, you'll want them overwrapped. Econopac can supply these loosepacked, or in a bandolier format.
  • Pre-applied premiums
    • Sometimes you'll need to attach your premium to the box or lid. We can work with your raw materials to pre-apply these with "fugitive" glue.
  • Club Packs
    • What makes a good thing even better? More of it! We can create club packs, including managing and procurement of any components (like POP trays, labels or inserts for example) in addition to the application of shrink wrap or bands.
  • Samples (including food in food)
    • Food-in-food samples is the fastest growing segment of promotional sampling techniques. It requires food-grade packaging, quality and accreditations, and a delicate hand to keep samples intact.

Accreditations for food handling are of prime concern, and Econopac features a ten year "superior" rating from the American Institute of Baking, and a 100 score on our most recent Bureau Veritas audit. Econopac has also maintained its ‘Complete Adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices’ standing with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency since 2002.

Clients include:

  • Kellogg’s
  • General Mills
  • Nestlé
  • Frito Lay
  • Kraft
  • Mars
  • Cadbury